Creating data-driven and differentiated therapy value messaging for payers 

Therapy Value Messaging: Driven by Data

RECORDED: Thursday, October 3, 2019

Hosts: Ben Sacchetti, Business Development
Justin Reggi, Business Development
Sean Stern, Customer Impact
KC Ahlberg, Customer Impact 

Why you should watch:
As therapeutic areas are increasingly crowded and competitive, even drugs with strong clinical and safety profiles struggle to gain market share. Similarly, pressure is mounting for biopharma companies to justify high prices for therapies. In order to stay competitive, Market Access and Brand Teams need to move away from expensive, time-consuming post-market studies and focus on the use of real-world data to understand the relative clinical and economic impact of their therapies.

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This discussion touches on:

- Pain points with impact assessment and value messaging
- Best practices and future trends
- Case Study: Locating NSCLC patients within RWD via clinical proxying of complex criteria so to estimate disease prevalence
- Case Study: Using patient journeys to substantiate value messaging for osteoarthritis-related pain therapy and drive access

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