Confidently design and manage CMS ACOs

Are you making the best decisions about your participationin CMS Pathways to Success or Direct Contracting? Are you taking risk on the right providers? Are you confident you have the data you need to optimize shared savings and sustainably provide integrated care to your Medicare patients?

Our software product Clarify Value gives you answers in seconds. Watch this 1-min video to learn more.

  • Understand how you would perform: Clarify’s ACO Designer applies a line-by-line replication of CMS Benchmarking methodology at the ACO, Group, and NPI levels to give you instant insights about your performance.

  • Optimize your roster with dynamic benchmarking: Clarify’s ACO Designer applies CMS Benchmarking methodology to give you instant insight about your potential performance.

  • Answers Now: Clarify Value cuts time out of the equation. The ACO Designer runs on our complete in-house Medicare dataset and is available to you within days.

Results for our ACO customers:

  • 800 $ PMPY

    Large Integrated Health System

    $800 PMPY identified across a patient population of ~150,000, versus applying with the full intended roster for a new entrant into Direct Contracting

  • 755 $ PMPY

    Medium-Sized NextGen ACO

    $755 PMPY identified by optimizing roster on just 9% of PCPs on full roster of existing partners for an advanced NextGen ACO moving into Direct Contracting

  • 648 $ PMPY

    Medicaid-Focused New Entrant

    $648 PMPY shared savings identified across ~12,000 attributed beneficiaries, versus applying with the full potential roster for new Direct Contracting entrant

Ongoing ACO performance management:

Already made your participation decisions? Clarify Value provides your organization with ongoing insights across the continuum of care by harnessing the power of our national dataset and platform.

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