The new models, and key considerations for ACOs deciding with an edge

Making Sense of CMS’ New Payment Models

HOSTS: Erik Fiske, Jegar Jasani, MD
RECORDED: Thursday, August 22, 2019

Why you should watch:
Within the past few months, CMS has released its most progressive set of payment models yet. These models present substantial opportunity for more than 600 ACOs across the country. However, understanding the nuances and complexity within these models can be challenging especially when given little up front information from CMS.  

Clarify Health hosted a 2-part webinar series exploring CMS' population-based payment models and how to select the best option for your ACO
   be it Pathways to Success Track A or Global Direct Contracting. Our ACO experts have extensive experience guiding ACOs from inception, to launch, to operations, and shared their insights and perspectives.

Watch the on-demand recording of Part 1 to learn more! 

Part 1 webinar highlights:
- New CMS population-based payment model options for ACOs 
- Important model changes from previous years
- Key considerations for ACOs when evaluating participation options
- Opportunities and challenges for ACOs
- Value of a strategic diagnostic exercise

Want more on this topic? Check out part two.
Part 2: September 19th
- How it Works – Clarify’s Strategic CMS Diagnostic Exercise
- Case Studies – Insights delivered to two Clarify customers, and how it impacted their decision

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